Secure Data Room Features

News, 08 Ott 2023, by direzione

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A secure data room (SDR) is an online repository that permits companies to communicate sensitive information to external parties within a secure environment. It is used in a variety of business transactions like mergers and acquisitions as well as fundraising, IPOs, legal proceedings and other commercial endeavors in which it is imperative that outside parties look over confidential documents without exposing the company to possible security breaches and causing a compliance issue.

Secure Data Room Features

The most reliable virtual datarooms have the latest security features that protect your sensitive data from malicious actors. They offer features like protection against intrusion and virus as well as data encryption (at both rest and in transit), firewalls that are on the network and more, to ensure that your data is protected from cyber attacks.

One of the most important characteristics to look for in a secure data space is the capability to restrict access and monitor the use of the data room. This is essential since the majority of data breaches are caused by human error, such as clicking on the link or downloading a document that contains personal details. A secure data space can ward off these types of errors by preventing downloads and providing activity reports and alerts.

Another popular feature is NDA gatekeeping. This allows companies to create an invitation to a data room with an unique NDA that expires within a predetermined timeframe. NDA gating makes it easy for companies to keep their information confidential while giving a potential investor or buyer to access a complete data set and analyze the business.